Using my Windows Phone on my drive to work. Part I

I have a 40 minute commute to work.  Lucky for me, I live in a semi-rural area which means no traffic and plenty of nice scenery.  It’s a very pleasant drive, but that’s 40 minutes of not reading about tech news!  The next best thing are podcasts.

There are several I like to listen to; Windows Weekly (the only good show on the Twit network…), The 404, The Young Turks, What the Tech, and The Retroist (yes,  they’re not all tech related).  Windows Phone, like most smartphones, do more than make phone calls.  They also make great media devices.  Windows Phone has Zune built-in, which is your source for all your music & video needs.

The real trick is to find a podcast long enough for your trip so you can keep both hands on the wheel and not be distracted looking for another track or podcast to play.  For me, it’s not a big concern since the shortest podcast I listen to is about a half-hour.  The rest of my time is spent planning on what to listen to on my Windows Phone when I get to work. 😉


About Justin M. Salvato

I'm Justin M. Salvato, a semi-tech-savvy guy that uses Microsoft products on a daily basis. I enjoy boxing, vintage computing, Archie comics and reading about tech news & gadgets.
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