Windows Live Mail, it’s pretty neat.

Windows Live MailAt work or at home, in the 21st century, having an e-mail account is a must.  Over the years, I’ve used lots of services for e-mail: Prodigy, AOL, Yahoo!, Gmail,  Hotmail, to name a few.  Up until a couple of years ago, Hotmail was my least favorite.  It didn’t suit my needs nor did it look good.

These days, Hotmail is looking and functioning well.  However, I rarely log in through the website.  Instead I use Windows Live Mail.  Basically the same thing, but it’s an application on your computer.  You can tweak the settings to your liking both in function and appearance.  See the image above to see what mine looks like.  You’ll see from left to right: email accounts, subject lines for emails, and then the email itself.

Folders are a necessity if you get emails regarding different subjects regularly.  I have had to create many folders.  If you click the arrow to the left of your email account, it will display all of your folders.

Windows Live Mail FoldersAlthough I do not have any spam messages in this email account at the moment, I can tell you that the spam filter in Windows Live Mail is EXCELLENT!  I rarely receive junk mail in my inbox.

Windows Live Mail is more than just dealing with your messages.  It is also a calendar too, which I use regularly.

The calendar will display and separate your appointments by email account i.e. by Windows Live ID, which will be soon known as Microsoft Account.  I really recommend this application.


About Justin M. Salvato

I'm Justin M. Salvato, a semi-tech-savvy guy that uses Microsoft products on a daily basis. I enjoy boxing, vintage computing, Archie comics and reading about tech news & gadgets.
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