Battery Saver: Windows Phone has it, but Android doesn’t.

The other day, my coworker, Deb, showed me her new Android device, which is actually her first smartphone.  She purchased the HTC One.  In my opinion, the phone has spectacular hardware, but lousy software…  She was hoping to get the Nokia Lumia 928, but it was not on sale when she went to Best Buy.

Battery Saver option in Windows Phone 8. *photo courtesy of

Battery Saver option in Windows Phone 8.
*photo courtesy of

Deb learned quickly that a smartphone’s battery life is very short, needing to be charged more than once a day.    She didn’t understand why it needed to be charged halfway through her work day, because she wasn’t using it at work.  I explained that smartphones, like desktop computers, have processes running in the background.  I also explained that the phone has to try harder to find a cellular signal since we work indoors.


Battery Saver option on Windows Phone 7.
*photo courtesy of

I told Deb I will find out if there is a battery saver option, like there is on my Windows Phone (still using a Dell Venue Pro with Windows Phone 7.5).  I did several searches and found  that there are several battery saving apps you can download from the Google Play Store.  I also found tips on how to save battery life.  Some of these lists had 10 or more steps…  Deb was disappointed by the hoops you have to jump through to save battery life.  I showed her what I do when I get to work which is to go to Settings, click on Battery Saver and activate the feature.  Doing so turns off most of the services that run in the background, but you’ll still get phone calls and text messages.

I suggested she keep her eye on Best Buy to see if the Nokia Lumia 928 goes on sale within her return period for her Android phone..


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I'm Justin M. Salvato, a semi-tech-savvy guy that uses Microsoft products on a daily basis. I enjoy boxing, vintage computing, Archie comics and reading about tech news & gadgets.
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